Disasters – Not If – But When?

Not If – But When  disaster strikes in your community was the overall the theme of an exercise held at the St. Clair County Administration Building throughout the entire day, Thursday.  Some 45 representatives from the local, state and federal levels met to discuss procedures in the event of a water or waste water incident.  Attendees traveled from as far as Ann Arbor, Washington D.C. and Chicago, as well as from across Michigan.  St. Clair County Emergency Manager Jeff Friedland reminded attendees that the Blue Water Area sees more traffic – trucks and trains included, carrying hazardous material than any other entry point in to Canada.  Water, Friedland stated is a silent service…unlike electricity which receives a great deal of attention.   (con't)
Congratultations Tricia Martiny- Feast of the Sainte Claire Ticket Winner
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