Bullying – To Be A Hot Topic In March On WGRT

Beginning next month, WGRT, along with a number of sponsors will be talking about bullying.  Port Huron Police Chief Jeff Baker stopped in at the studio to discuss the ever increasing problem.  Baker says, he doesn’t know if the bullying has become worse, however, children are exposed to it more.  He says “it used to be that kids might face bullying at school, and they could go home and get relief.  Now, they face it not only at school, but after school hours, on-line, Facebook, etc.”  This makes the problem bigger.  He says that parents should start a conversation with their child prior to any problems, and then the child may be more willing to discuss what is happening to them when troubles arise.  You can find out more at the WGRT webpage, at wgrt.com, by clicking on the We Stand Against Bullying icon.
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