Safety Should Come First With Fireworks

Everyone enjoys fireworks, especially in the festive Fourth of July season. But consumers need to be careful about where they buy their fireworks. The National Council on Fireworks Safety  recommends that you only buy consumer fireworks from a licensed store, tent or stand. Never buy fireworks from an individual's house or from someone on the street. Such devices are likely illegal explosives or professional 1.3G fireworks that can seriously injure you.  The National Council on Fireworks Safety encourages consumers to from consuming know their fireworks.  They advise that a designated shooter should prepare a shooting area, carefully read the label of each firework and understand exactly what the firework will do and refrain alcohol.  Consumer fireworks, when used in accordance with the instructions and safety warnings, are very safe.  And while you and others may enjoy those fireworks, your pets might not.  Make certain they are safe and secure before setting off your display.  For a full list of consumer fireworks safety tips and a safety video, please visit
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