Flint Bishop International Airport Attack Update

The 50 year-old man who allegedly stabbed a police officer at the Flint’s Bishop International Airport yesterday, has been charged with violence during his initial court appearance late Wednesday afternoon.  Authorities say he will remain in custody, pending a full detention hearing next week.  Amor Ftouhi, could face up to 20 years in prison and more as charges are added.  Lt. Jeff Neville was injured in the attack, and is reported to be in stable condition as of Wednesday.  A maintenance worker was also injured while helping to subdue the suspect; he was taken to the hospital and later released.   The airport was evacuated, and later reopened.  Ftouhi, is a Canadian citizen, and entered the United States legally in Lake Champlain, New York on June 16.  Authorities say Ftouhi was interviewed extensively and it appears the attack targeted law enforcement, and it does not appear Ftouhi had any specialized training and at this time, authorities are not calling the incident a terrorist act.
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