Social Media Posts Cause Uproar At Central Middle School

Several social media posts by a parent of a Central Middle School student has caused an uproar at the school, but no credible threat of violence.  According to Central school officials, the mother of one of the students originally posted that she was going to organize bikers to come to the school to hand out anti-bullying literature after her child was involved in a fight at a school bus stop.  Disciplinary action for the fight was handled by the school.  The parent was advised that permission needed to be given by the district before the bikers would be permitted to hand out literature on the school campus.  Apparently, that post from a few weeks ago was re-posted and went viral, along with another post by the parent that stated she had a surprise for Dean of Students Brett Van Drew and that “it’s on now.”  That post led several people on social media to believe violent activities were planned at the school today.  Deputies from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office were called (con't)
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