A Meteor Over Detroit?

It has been confirmed, a fireball taking off across the highways of southeast Michigan Tuesday night at about 8:10 p.m. – with flashes of blue and orange light reflecting off the snow, was a meteor.   Witnesses say they saw a fireball and hear a loud boom.  The National Weather Service has confirmed that a meteor occurred, blowing up over Detroit with enough force to register as a 2.0 earthquake, according to National Public Radio reports.  There were numerous reports and social media was lit up with excitement and questions as a number of residents and travelers caught footage of the meteor.  Phones and Dash cams caught the sight in Michigan skies and this video was posted on twitter by @z_lawler -. (copy and paste)  https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/953459321404317696  - The fireball was seen primarily from Michigan but was also seen from Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Ontario (Canada).  The American Meteor Society posted on their website:  This was a very slow moving meteor – speed of about 28,000 miles per hour (45,000km/hour). This fact, combined with the brightness of the meteor (which suggests a fairly big space rock), shows that the object penetrated deep into the atmosphere before it broke apart (which produced the sounds heard by at least 77 observers). It is likely that there are meteorites on the ground near this region.
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