WGRT – Welcomes New On-Air Personalities

WGRT continues to see a few changes.  Beginning Monday, August 31, a new morning show will run from 6 to 10.  The show features a great duo, Josh Gears as the morning host, with Scott Evans, his on-air partner.  Josh is into cars and loves automobile auctions, especially the televised ones.  He loves to read magazines, he is married and has just welcomed a new baby into the home.  Scott Evans enjoys music, with his favorite being “Hot AC”. He is a huge fan of Maroon 5, Rob Thomas and Sting.  Before taking a radio job, he wanted to be a professional drummer, which he did for a while, but decided the traveling musician job was not for him.  Now he likes being of the air waves and bringing music to listeners in a different way.  (con't)
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