City Manager Excited About The Installation Of The Kayak Launch

City manager James Freed is excited about the installation of the kayak launch next to the Seventh Street Bridge in downtown Port Huron on the Black River.  He says it is a handicapped accessible kayak and paddler’s launch and this $100,000 project was funded basically by private donations.  A ribbon cutting will be held next month.  He says the generosity of the community is overwhelming and speaks volumes about the Port Huron community.  Dredging work is currently being completed at the Black River canal.  The sand that is being removed this week will sit for a few weeks, and after Labor Day, it is expected the sand will be moved to Lakeside Beach.  Freed says the rough drafts for the deficit elimination plans for the general fund and utilities are in the works and headed to the department heads.  From there, they will move on to the City Council.  He says he wants to send a number of options for the Council to review and from which to choose, so they can make the best decision for the City.
Heading Out for Float Down 2014
Submitted by Vickie
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