CityFlatsHotel Coming To Port Huron

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Chuck Reid

photo 4 (1)Officials announced yesterday that Port Huron’s historic Sperry’s Department Store building will become a high-end hotel and bistro.  A 10-year lease agreement for the building that has sat vacant on the corner of Huron and Grand River Avenues has been signed with CityFlatsHotel.  The owner of the company, Chuck Reid says the hotel is expected to open in the spring of 2015 with 38 to 40 guests, rooms, a bistro restaurant, ballroom and conference spaces.  Since 2008, CityFlatsHotel has opened locations in Holland and Grand Rapids.  Reid was named Michigan’s Businessperson of the Year by the Small Business Administration in 2010.  The building is owned by Brent Marsall, of Sperry’s Landmark, Inc. who purchased the building in 2011. (con’t) Reid stated his  goal is to re-purpose the building for the community, making it a place where people will bring their families and friends to stay, businesses wine and dine customers and tourists stay to enjoy the city.  Reid also owns Zeeland-based  Charter House Innovations, which designs and manufactures custom seating and décor.  Each room, in his hotels is decorated with those materials and offers a different “stay” experience.  Customers will even be able to buy from everything from the mattresses to the sheets at the hotel.  Reid’s wife helps with the purchases of all the linens and bedding for the hotels, and chooses from the very best to make the hotel stay as comfortable as possible, so that guests wish to take their experience home along with them.  The Sperry’s Department store closed in 2000, and area businesses stated they were anxious for the anchor building to be full of life once again.

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