Mike Wade

Mike Wade






Weekdays 6am – 11am EST
Sunday 4pm – 8pm EST

Mike pretty much figured music would be his calling. Not so much playing drums in a rock band, but teaching Percussion at the University level. Both his parents were teachers so it seemed like a good fit.

Until a high school speech class spun his head – and his life – in a different direction. It wasn’t long before he realized talking for a living beat working for a living.

After graduating from the University of Houston, it wasn’t long before Mike realized talking for a living beat working for a living. He’s been on mic in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and New York, while leaving a trail of commercials in his wake for everything from shampoos to car dealers to soft drinks to electronic stores.

As well as being a DJ on WGRT, Mike is one of the primary narrators and supplies character voices for the educational website Imagination Station. Casual or comic. Under-played or over the top. Sincere or sensational. He can even fit that 15 second tag you wrote inside a 10 second window. Without ever tripping over a syllable!

Mike has been a student of Technique and Scene Study at HB Studio in New York. His Improv experience includes performing with Lone Star Comedy and the Neopolitan Syndicate in Dallas. Mike still has his drums and has been known to annoy his neighbors, wife Susan, and daughter Shelly (the youngest of three girls still at home), with the occasional “if it’s too loud you’re too old” solo.

Website: www.MikeOnMic.com/TheShow