DTF Seizes Heroin, Crack, During The Execution Of 4 Search Warrants

The St. Clair County Drug Task Force executed two search warrants shortly after 5 pm that were related and a second related pair shortly after 8 pm on Wednesday of last week.   A total of 3 Port Huron residents were taken into custody.  According to Sheriff Tim Donnellon, the DTF executed a search warrant in the 3600 block of Lapeer rd, Port Huron Township after their 38 year old male suspect was taken into custody in a local party store.  During the search $600 of crack, marijuana, currency, packaging material along with drug paraphernalia were seized.  Once that residence was secured the related residence in the 2000 block of 7th Street in Port Huron was raided.  Two adult Males and an adult female were questioned and released from the scene.  The Suspect faces charges of possession of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver crack and being a habitual offender.  The DTF then moved onto another investigation into the sales of heroin in the Port Huron area.  Shortly after 8pm (con’t) a search warrant was executed in the 700 block of Pine st in the city of Port Huron.  Once inside the DTF located a 55 year old Female and a 65 year old male both from Port Huron.  On the living room table DTF located Heroin, packaging material and drug paraphernalia.  Once both were taken into custody DTF executed a second search warrant at the males residence in the 2600 block of Krafft. The Home was unoccupied however, drug Paraphernalia and Suboxone strips were located and seized.  The Male faces charges of possession of heroin and possession of analogues, the female will face charges of possession of heroin.



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