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Karen Palka is the Founder & Executive Director of A Beautiful Me®. She is a creative person who sees the value in each individual and loves to empower ALL women of ALL ages.

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August 25, 2014.

Death by Snakebite
It’s not the bite, it’s the venom!

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Those We Love Most

In this engaging novel, Lee Woodruff explores the results on a family of an unimaginable tragedy.  Can this family make it through and be whole?   What would happen to your family if your child were hit by a car driven by a teenage neighbor?  Can the driver be forgiven? Can the family move on?  Woodruff draws on her own personal experiences to put the heart in this story.  I love her non-fiction writing, and thoroughly enjoyed this first novel.  Enjoy!



Cathie Martin is an avid reader and
artist. She has had many
roles in life including
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A highlight of her job
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Are We Really That Different?

Being a mom or grandma, no matter how many children or grandchildren you have or how old they are, is a tough job. You already knew that.  You never stop worrying.  You know that each child needs you in a different way.  You can’t imagine life without them.  Living in poverty doesn’t change those basic maternal inclinations.

I had a chance to see that first hand while on a trip to the beautiful Appalachian area of Eastern Kentucky with my daughter’s youth group.  The Appalachian grandmother that I talked to, “Meemaw”, was in her early 50s, raising several grandchildren and appeared to have a few of her grown children living with her in her run-down single-wide trailer.

She was concerned about whether or not to put one of her grandbabies on ADHD medication.  Sound familiar?  She was mourning the loss of a child that died in a car accident.  Grief and emotional devastation care nothing for your socio-economic status.  She was embarrassed to get donated groceries, but knew she had to swallow her pride and accept it for her family.

We all sacrifice something for our kids, maybe even our pride.  She was happy to have another mom to talk to.  As was I.  It feels good to know that we are not in this struggle alone. She talked about the pets (raccoons!) she let her kids keep, the one grandchild that she just couldn’t get angry with-even when he was really bad, and her dislike of the hot weather.  Kind of the same things all moms talk about at playdates and cafés and neighborhoods everywhere (maybe not the raccoon part).  While the signs of total poverty were impossible to ignore or forget, I will always remember MeeMaw’s irrepressible empathy and unconditional love for her family.

She taught me to look beyond the exterior.  Look beyond the material.  Ignore the dirt and the chaos. Take a minute to look at the person, not the situation.  You might realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Jennie McClelland is a mother of five and the publisher of BlueWaterParent.com, a website for parents and caregivers in the Blue Water Area.  She is happy to collaborate with A Beautiful Me® to make the Blue Water Area an even better place for families.  

EW.20140825.JamieGraceJamie Grace

“I always encourage kids when they’re going through rough spots to surround themselves with people who love God and love them.”