Appreciate the Small Things – Nicole Wright

Appreciate the Small Things in Life

When I was asked to write about what inspires me, as a woman, I initially was stuck.  I am not usually a person that sits and reflects about such topics.  However, as I started to reflect back over the recent events I found my biggest inspiration in life: the birth of my daughter a few months ago. It made me truly find inspiration in the small things in life.  To me inspiration is seeing her full of joy for no particular reason.  It is the feeling of love that I never knew I could feel.

Inspiration to me is the realization that being a mom is one of the reasons I was put on this earth.  It is the learning process of not knowing everything there is in being a parent, but being excited to find out.  It is knowing the challenges that my husband and I face in raising a strong and confident woman, but being excited to go through that journey.

Guest bloggist, Nicole Wright, is a supporter of “A Beautiful  Me®” and works within the banking industry in Michigan.