Are You Acceptable? – Sue Armstrong

Are You Acceptable?

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually pretty hard on myself. Wait, who am I kidding, there is no “usually” about it! I have this bad habit of holding myself to an unrealistic standard, and when I don’t measure up an inner voice points a seemingly real finger at me and hisses, “see I told you so, you’re not good enough!”

Well, I quit making New Year’s resolutions long ago because I realized it was just setting myself up for more recrimination. However, I have begun trying to be more intentional about some things. This year I’ve even chosen a word to be my focus, not only for myself but for others. My word is GRACE. I love the definition I came across recently that said, Grace is the gift of being accepted before you become acceptable.

Isn’t that good? I just love how it makes me feel, even when I still have half of my to-do list left at the end of the day…I can just sit and breathe and remind myself I have been given Grace…and hopefully I will extend the gift to others.

Guest bloggist, Sue Armstrong, is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®”. Sue is an encourager as a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor and an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts.