Uphill in Tandem – Ragen Beadle

Uphill in Tandem

Picture this, you are riding a bike and you see a large hill ahead. As you get closer to the hill you have a decision to make so that you can get up and over the hill to continue on your ride, do you pedal faster and faster burning all of your energy or do you pedal with strong strides? I have done both on bike rides and in life.

In my life I have feverishly worked to get through something, pouring all of my energy and resources into getting up my personal hill only to find that at the top, I cannot enjoy my triumph. After expending all of my energy the top of the hill means nothing since I am crumbled to the ground trying to recover from the fast paced giddy up and go that got me to where I wanted to be.

On other occasions I have taken long thoughtful strides, leaning in a little, breathing deeply and looking about me at all the sights and sounds around me as I tackled my challenge. When I reached my goal I was tired, grateful and happy but not burnt out. I was also aware that my challenge seemed less challenging when I did not fear it or worry about it. I handed my hill over to God and the ride went more smoothly. I was not alone and this gave me more confidence and strength.

I know that many times I have just taken on a challenge and thought, “I’ve got this, I don’t need help.” Only to realize too late that God is not offering help, he is offering life. His plan has never been to be our help, just to be used like an oxygen mask or air bag. God wants to be in tandem with us riding along on every ride.

The next time you are faced with a hill of challenge in your life you will have a decision to make, I hope you will stop for a moment and pick up a passenger. You will just have to trust me when I tell you that it will actually lighten your load. Just slow down, wave God on, let go and trust. It will be a much smoother ride.

Guest bloggist and “A Beautiful Me®” supporter, Ragen Beadle, finds her purpose in empowering women and strengthening their gifts. She blogs for healing and growth at thedeeperpond.blogspot.com