Show Me Your Closet & I’ll Show You Mine – Lynn Alexander

Show Me Your Closet & I’ll Show You Mine

Someone said to me recently, “you always seem so put together.”

What I thought: I’m pretty sure I have toothpaste in my hair, yesterday I wore my son’s socks to work, when was the last time I paid my cable bill? 

What I said: Thank you!

Raise your hand if you rush around tidying up your house before a friend stops by.  Or try on at least three pairs of jeans and then throw on a baggy jacket before you head out, so nobody notices the three extra pounds you put on this winter.  Or decline a dinner invitation because you’re tired, stressed out or sad, and you don’t want anyone to know that something is wrong.

In case you’re wondering, my hands are raised.  High.  I have definitely been that person.  And I wish I could have back the hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours I wasted trying to be “perfect.”  

Because what I now realize is, showing our own vulnerabilities can be one of the greatest gifts we extend to one another.  It is how we connect with each other, how we find comfort during difficult times, and how we say to each other, “I understand.  I have been there.  I struggle too.”

Imperfect people are more fun to be around.  Their messy cars and unpaid bills and grounded-for-life kids make us feel better about our own imperfections.  Imperfect people let us relax and focus on living instead of hiding.  They let us focus on working through our problems instead of pretending they aren’t there.  

So the next time you bounce a check or rip a seam or run out of gas on your way to the PTO meeting you forgot about until it was almost over… tell me.  I promise I will love you all the more for it.

Guest bloggist, Lynn Alexander, is a proud supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and is the vice president of the Community Foundation of St. Clair County.  Her latest attempt at not being perfect can be found at