Here Comes The Curve Ball – Hope Comerford

Here Comes The Curve Ball!

Growing up, I was always told to follow my dreams.  I always have.  What I’ve learned as an adult is, your dreams can change.  If you had told me even six years ago I would be not only a mom, but an owner of two blogs, a cookbook author, a public speaker and own my own business, I would have told you you were crazy.  I strongly dislike the business world and sales.  Here I am, knee deep in both.  My, how life has changed!  You know what?  Sometimes, change is good and can surprise you!

When I began my career as a music teacher, my dream was to become a better teacher and to teach other teachers.  While that is still part of my dream, I’ve learned it’s only a very small part.  When I began my first blog, it was honestly just to share my recipes with my family and friends.  I never dreamed it would turn into what it has now.  I started to dream about sharing my love for social media and so began doing some public speaking and demonstrating some of my recipes.  I also began to dream of being a cookbook author.  So, I made my dream happen and self-published my first cookbook three years after starting my blog.  

Dreams can ripple and evolve into more dreams! I now dream of publishing a second cookbook and helping my second blog take off.  I’m also beginning to teach some online FitAddict Training classes as instructing fitness classes is one of my newest dreams.

Life will throw many curveballs at you, but don’t be afraid of the change.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Your old dreams may fade some, new ones will come.  Having many dreams is a good thing.  Just go with it.  You’ll have no regrets.

Hope Comerford is a busy mom, wife, teacher, blogger, public speaker and entrepreneur.  She is also a wife and a mommy of a six and three year old.  Hope has a passion for sharing her passions with all those she meets. She can find her two blogs at and  She fully supports the vision of “A Beautiful Me®”, which is to foster self-worth in ALL women of ALL ages.