Controlling Peace? – Jennifer Raybaud

Controlling Peace?

I ADORE words!  I devour good conversation like others would a moist, delicious piece of chocolate cake.  So when I put the title of this piece together I felt discomfort when I placed those two words side by side.  Why?  Because one word has connotations of manipulation while the other evokes Zen-like feelings, but a few years back I had to make the above happen, so I thought I would share how “controlling peace” can add to yours!

I found myself for the first time, suffering from depression.  Now I grew up with parents who believed we could do anything we set our minds to.  So depression after having been blessed with so much positivity all my life was a new “beast” entirely.

At my lowest point, I remember saying “What can you control to get out of this?”  Because as sad as I was; there were still options.  So I began with controlling what I put in my mouth because all those carbs and sugar were doing NOTHING to help me climb out of this.  Then I thought if I could muster up the energy to go outside and take a walk that would bring me endorphins that would be the perfect foe to some of the chemicals the depression was bringing me.  I stopped listening to the news and many more things that in the end…brought me out of my depression.  I felt like there was nothing available to me but victimhood when that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  So I ask you to ask yourself the same question I did when you’re overwhelmed: “What can you control to get out of this?”  It’s amazing how much you can come up with.  Lean to control what you can control and leave the rest in peace so you can find yours!  Controlling peace . . . ahhh, yes!

Jennifer Raybaud is a truly blessed woman who loves her family, her friends and her position as “Co-Conspirator” with her very best friend where their unique workshops are designed to uplift, inspire and motivate! Their regular antics can be found at or!  Jennifer applauds everything “A Beautiful Me®” strives to accomplish as she believes that each of us has a birthright to feel valued and appreciated for our individual qualities.