Happy Squirrels!

Happy Squirrels!

Michigan’s rapidly changing seasons still catch me off guard. Hurried to get in a quick morning walk, I soon realize I am not prepared to change out my summer wardrobe. Frustrated that I now have to begin armoring myself with a daily ritual of medicating myself against environmental allergens. Ugh! Feeling the brisk cold morning air against my exposed arms and legs, my thoughts are creeping into the encroaching winter months with its whoas, blues, and blahs…stop!

I pause to watch the numerous scurrying squirrels in the neighborhood, such busy and active creatures. I become aware that they too are preparing for change. They do not appear full of dread, but full of purpose and excited anticipation. I see the tree leaves beginning to turn from their summer shade of green to their vibrant colors in shades of amber, red and orange; again, with purpose. A cycle of change, dormancy, and rejuvenation.

I quickly become conscious that I too must meet the changing seasons of my life with purpose. Turning over a new leaf with a change of attitude. Let go of the dormancy of over-shadowing negative thoughts and rejuvenate my senses with positive thoughts, words and actions. I need to embrace the crisp cool air and breathe deep, as it will provide a clearer head.

Ah, inhale and exhale. My attitude change is just beginning. Crisp leaves changing into crisp jeans then heading to the nearest cider mill to get some crisp carmel apples!

Guest bloggist, Brenda Vance, is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and provides billing services to her husband’s business – Al Vance, owner of Doctor of Dents Inc. www.doctorofdents.com