Nature or Nuture?

Nature or Nurture

Genes, heredity, inherited traits are real. Of course, we have learned this science through the years.  We agree that genetics works, when we get a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and see our mom’s face and when we see an expression in our child’s smile, we recognize our husband’s similar trait.  

A true proof of inheritance touched me recently, when I discovered some poems written by my grandmother in her retirement years.  She wrote a cute ditty about her love of fishing.   I quickly looked up the poem that I had just written about fishing at the mouth of Fish Creek to compare them. It struck me that fifty years later, I am living my grandmother’s life.  In my retirement years, I have time to fish, to enjoy nature and I have tried to capture those happy feelings on paper by writing poetry.  

Am I like my nana, I suppose in some ways I am.
Didn’t know for sure until I put the pen into my hand.
Samples of her writing, in a scrapbook I just found.
Isn’t it ironic,
that both nana and I wrote on the same topic?
Parallels exist between nana and me,
she was a wonderful role model as you can see.

Nana you taught me well, your influence was implanted in me somehow. Nature or nurture, the debate will go on, but for now, I will keep hers and my poems, in case another generation will discover them someday.

Guest bloggist, Jane Vandenbergh, is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and is a retired teacher living in Crystal River, Florida.