Which to Choose?

Which to Choose?

My shoes are more than just accessories in my closet, accents for my feet or eye candy for date nights with my husband. They all serve a function. Some give me boost when extra inches are required. Others keep me grounded. More protect from harsh conditions and jerks. Then, there are my treads for running distances and traversing uneven terrain.

There are days when I’d like to wear someone else’s shoes for a block; or maybe for an entire marathon. Those red, three-inch, knee-high, platform-style boots I saw this morning at the bus stop sure would be the ticket. Better yet, what would it be like to see the world standing in cheetah-motif stilettos? Only the person wearing them really knows.

The next question is: would the red, platform-style boots or cheetah-print stilettos take me to the finish of the race I need to run? Maybe. Or, maybe not. It all depends upon my journey and the obstacles I need to overcome. I am thankful for having the free will to choose a pair — or several for that matter — that match whatever is required of me on any given day.

So, what shoes are you wearing today? I have yet to put mine on.

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