Christmas – A Season of Joy

A Season of Joy!

I love Christmas! It is the season when everyone is friendly, happy and ready to give. My daughters and I love to sit and drink hot cocoa while watching our favorite Christmas movies. Everyone around us is excited and in a hurry to get everything done on time.

I was able to see Christmas from a different point of view a few years ago. In December 2012, my family and I went on a mission trip to Thailand. We visited a ministry that reaches into dark areas of Bangkok to find women in need of a new life. I traveled across the world planning to bring hope to women who are part of this amazing ministry which helps them get out of an exploited life of darkness.

Surprisingly when entering a Christmas party I found them all laughing, singing and full of love. They seemed to enjoy this Christmas party as if it was their first party ever! During the party, they had a time of singing. One young lady approached the microphone with quietness. She took the mic in her hand and stood waiting for the music to begin. As she began the first note, I knew this was a worship song. I could not understand the words as she sang in her Thai language, but I could hear her heart. Tears ran down my face as I realized what the true meaning of Christmas was – possibly for the first time in my American life. I realized that this young girl was saved by Christ from a life of darkness. Her life was redeemed. I sat and listened to what redemption sounded like. It sounded like love, gratefulness and joy all mixed into a song that was sung as if it was a gift to God himself. God is ready to take your life, redeem your brokenness and show you how to sing again.

I went all the way around the world to learn what Christmas is all about. I also saw what I had been missing in my own life – in my American Christmas life. I was missing Joy! Do you have joy this Christmas season? Why don’t we take time this season to step away from our plans, our shopping and our movies. Let us be filled with what we really need this holiday season…JOY!

Guest bloggist, Heidi Cook, has a dream to speak to women in all areas of life and to share hope with those who feel hopeless. Heidi is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and writes from her heart in a blog: