We Each Have One – A Mother!

We Each Have One

Mothers…not about being a mother, but about OUR mothers. I am not a mother and I lost mine when I was 25 years old. I miss her every day. My parents gave me and my brothers a wonderful childhood, probably to the point of spoiling me, since I am the youngest and the only girl. My mom was always there for me, always supportive of me and my friends even though I didn’t realize it until later in life. Now she’s gone and it’s too late to tell her “thank you”, “I’m sorry” and “I love you”.

I see many women who have great relationships with their mothers. Some do not. I did not. My hope is that more women will see that, typically, we only get one mom and one dad and that someday it will be too late to say the things that are in our hearts. We can be mad at them, hurt by them, jealous of them or just plain indifferent to them but I sincerely hope that the day never comes when there is more regret for something not said. An “I love you”, a “thank you” or an “I’m sorry” can do so much good, even if harsh words were spoken before.

My experience has made me live with harsh words that I said, and kind words that I didn’t say. If this can help even one person, it will help me to cope with my own regret of taking my mother for granted and not telling her that I love her, or thanking her, or that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry mom.
I love you.
Thank you.

Guest bloggist, Liberty Landris is a small town waitress and avid equestrian trying to live a good, clean country life in Northern Michigan. She is also a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®”.