25 Years = Silver

25 Years = Silver

I would love to tell you that it has been 25 years of wedded bliss or that my husband is the most loving man I know. I could say that our marriage is perfect, we never fight and we are best friends. However, it’s just not the case.

Marriage is hard work…some days I have wanted to throw in the towel and some nights I have secretly planned my revenge. LOL!! But when I stood before God and said, “I do” I meant what I said…for better or for worse!

Here’s the thing…both partners have to be committed to put each other first.  I have been blessed not with the most loving or giving man (although the giving part is debatable!) but with a partner who is willing to work as hard, if not harder, than I do at our relationship every day. If I were to ask “What are you willing to give or do?” he would answer “Whatever it takes!!”

Many days we are best friends but always we are partners in a covenant, an agreement if you will, to always be there for each other and give whatever it takes to make the other happy. It doesn’t mean we don’t have our days, but when they do come, one of us steps up and remembers that the focus is not of ourselves but to each other.

Guest bloggist, Grayce Morris, a friend and supporter of “A Beautiful Me®”, homeschool mom, wife and business entrepreneur in Macomb County, Michigan.