A New Move… And, A Great Escape?

A New Move… And, A Great Escape?

Are you running away from your problems or toward improvement?

Packing.  It’s the dreaded word that every woman loathes to hear.  The excitement of a new move is overshadowed by the never-ending checklists, boxes, and bubble wrap.  We tend to become deaf to the world around us, and if we don’t listen carefully, we will miss a valuable life lesson.

When my family decided to make a move to our new home, the excitement charged the air around us, and my children were more than eager to clean their rooms and pack their boxes.  A few days later, my daughter came home from school upset about the events that had occurred.  Apparently, a small group of students were yelling at and mocking other students on the bus.  My daughter declared, “I can’t wait to move and get away from those kids!”

If I had not paused to listen, I would have missed it.  My daughter viewed our move as a chance to escape her problems.  She wanted to duck and hide instead of putting a stop to the bullying.  I gently reminded her that we all have a responsibility to own up to our problems, confront them head on, and find ways to resolve them.  By running away from them, we would miss out on an opportunity to improve our own lives.

Be proactive.  Embrace your challenges, learn from them, and resolve to live a better and happier life.

Guest bloggist, Stacy N. Elliott, is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and author of two blogs.  www.mybeautifulletters.wordpress.com and www.stacynelliott.wordpress.com