Follow Your Star – Cindy Reynolds

Follow Your Star

The best things in life are not things; instead, they are the dreams of youth, self respect and the ties that bind us.

During my seventeenth summer, that magical time between high school and college, I ventured out into the world with nothing in my pockets, except the determination to fulfill my dream of attending college.  This brave decision felt right at the time, but later proved a daunting experience.  I felt like I lost my anchor; high school was over, my family home was sold and I had not made plans for the immediate future.  Without the support, funding or shelter of a family, my dreams to attend college began to slowly slip away.  Through a leap of faith and the benevolence of others, I embraced the fact that fortitude and hard work would become my close friends. Receiving my B.A. degree from Michigan State University was a hard won experience, filled with triumphs, challenges and experiences that have shaped the person I am today.

Reminiscing over those years through the eyes of a 56 year old woman,  I will always feel a sense of accomplishment for overcoming many obstacles to achieve my hard earned goal.  Providence, studiousness, and diligence were the combination that helped pave my way.  Reflecting back on that seventeen year old girl who thought she would never be able to go to college, I say to others like her, “As long as you can dream, you can accomplish.  Follow your pursuits and believe in miracles.”

Guest bloggist, Cynthia J. Reynolds resides in Massachusetts, is an author, and a historical tour guide with student exchange groups in the New England area. Cindy is a supporter of “A Beautiful Me®” and believes we need to walk confidently in the direction of our dreams letting God’s love embrace us, and let our life speak.