Hands On – Hands Off – No Texting – Campaign Begins Today

No TextingPeople may feel pressure to remain in constant contact even when behind the wheel of their car. What drivers need to realize is there are significant dangers posed when they take their eyes and minds off the road, and their hands off the wheel. WGRT and Cargill are sponsoring a campaign focused on texting and driving prevention. The hands on- hands off no texting campaign is running throughout 2014. We are asking listeners who are drivers to sign a pledge to keep your hands on the wheel and hands off your phone while driving your car. WGRT and Cargill feel so strongly about the safety of our listeners, that all those who sign the pledge available at the WGRT website throughout the month of January, will be entered into a drawing for a flat screen television. Join us, won’t you? Sign up today! – make it your New Year’s Resolution – hands on – hands off make the no texting New Year’s resolution.

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