It Is Better To Give Than Receive

All summer long WGRT makes winners out of listeners awarding a number of entertainment prizes, including golf packages, Michigan’s Adventure Tickets, Michigan Renaissance tickets, and Cedar Point tickets.  This week, a Facebook contest was posted and in less than forty-eight hours, just under 5,600 people viewed the post.  We heard some amazing stories in the entries.    Here are some samples:

 “I would give my tickets to Dwayne Way and his family, he is a coworker who last fall had a stroke. He was paralyzed and wheelchair bound and has made miracle strides to get back to being able to do simple things like eat and walk everyday things we take for granted, …………! His wife and kids have stood by his side through this all! Please let him win or let me win and give them this vacation!”

“I want to go to take my to teen sons that haven’t been able to go anywhere the last to summer because there step dad was in a bad acct .. And 5 months later had to have a liver transplant … So our life has been taking care of him .. And my boys have been great about all of this …. And my cousin has done so much to help me out I would take her with us .. Sometimes I don’t think I could do all this with out her .. I thank God everyday for being blessed with great kids and a great cousin. .. To be able to give them something nice would make me feel great .. It’s hard for me to write this letter and not cry ..”

What is remarkable is that these folks still have faith and hope in the future.  They carry on even though the times are hard.  We, at WGRT are grateful to spread a little sunshine in their summer, and help them have a bit of fun.

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