St. Clair County Vital Infrastructure Team Receives Advanced Training

This week members of the St. Clair County Vital Infrastructure Team received advanced training regarding terrorism as it applies to the community.  The Disrupting the Extremist program has been developed, according to Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Jeff Friedland, to assist the law enforcement professional to be able to deliver a community outreach presentation, to promote private and public sector collaboration in identifying early indicators in possible terrorism planning within their community.  Instructor, of this two day training, Patrick Chagnon, the Founder and President of BLUELINE Security Consulting Group, says it is important to change the mindset of “response mode” to “detection and prevention mode”.   One of the team members, Sergeant Jason Barna said this training has enhanced previous training, he and others on the team have experienced, and has done dozens of assessments on various facilities and critical infrastructure.  He said the training has given him more insight into what they are doing and he feels they (con’t)will be better able to present to those they are doing the assessments for.  Sergeant MattStringer of the St. Clair County Sheriff Department is also part of the team.  He told WGRT that what he has taken away from this recent training is that terrorism is still present, and it is not going to go away.  He says, the instructor gave great examples of how terrorism or a natural disaster has a ripple effect in how it affects the community, and it won’t just go on for two or three days, but maybe two or three months, or even years.  The team, is expected to consist of about twelve members by the end of this training.  The VIT team is the only County assessment Team in Michigan.

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