Secretary Of State Ruth Johnson, Law Enforcement Promote Organ, Tissue And Eye Donation

SOS Johnson with poster of Sgt Collin Rose Secretary of State Ruth Johnson encourages others to donate life near a poster of Sgt. Collin Rose, who became a donor after he was killed in the line of duty in November 2016.

In honor of fallen Wayne State University police officer Collin Rose, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson joined local law enforcement in Southeast Michigan on Tuesday to promote organ and tissue donation.  “Sgt. Rose was a man who gave easily of himself to others, so it is no surprise that his final wish was to give of himself through the gift of life,” Johnson said. “I am so proud of our new partnership with his brothers and sisters in law enforcement to remember his legacy and help others through organ and tissue donation.”  Sgt. Rose was killed in the line of duty in November 2016 and his family supported his decision as a registered organ and tissue donor to give the gift of life to others.  Because of his generosity, many lives were improved.  “With the support of our branch office staff, we have made great strides since I was elected to increase the number of registered donors,” Johnson said. “Michigan has actually gone from one of the worst states in the nation to one of the best states for organ donor registration.”  In 2011, when Johnson became Secretary of State, only 27 percent of Michigan residents were registered as organ donors. Today, under her leadership, that number has climbed to over 62 percent.  “Those numbers represent hope to real people,” Johnson said. “There are over 3,300 people in Michigan right now whose families are waiting for that life-saving phone call.”   Those interested in learning more or registering as an organ and tissue donor can visit and click on “Organ Donation.”