Self Breast Exam
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 Self Breast Exam 1 In Front of a mirror:
Press hands on hips, bow slightly towards mirror as the shoulders and elbows are pulled forward. Look for redness, puckering, dimpling and nipple retraction.
Clasp your arms behind your head, pull elbows forward looking for changes.  Self Breast Exam 2
 Self Breast Exam 3 In the Shower:
With your arm at your side, use your opposite hand and press your fingers flat against your breast. Use three firm deliberate sweeping motions, beginning at the collar bone, to sweep down the outer, middle and inner portions of the breast including the nipple area. Use this procedure on both breasts.
Gently squeeze both nipples and look for a discharge.


 Self Breast Exam Raise one arm and place the flat part of your fingers on the outer edge of the breast. Feel for thickening lumps or charge by using small circular motions, covering entire breast and underarm area working toward the nipple in a circular motion. Repeat on the opposite side.
Lying flat:
Place a towel or small pillow under your left shoulder. Use the same circular motions as in the shower. Examine your left breast and armpit. Repeat for right breast.
 Self Breast Exam