Studio 1219 Improvements

studio 1219The Studio 1219 building in downtown Port Huron is getting some more improvements, thanks to The Community Foundation and the Downtown Development Authority. Studio 1219 houses an art gallery and studio space for working artists, plus classes for children and adults. The building is co-owned by The Community Foundation and the DDA and each has contributed $12,500 for renovations which began in 2012. First to be fixed was the leaky roof. The second stage was to install new front windows. The third stage, which is taking place now, is new siding on three sides of the building. The studio’s hours of operation and its scheduled workshops are not expected to be affected by the on-going project. The Studio 1219 building was originally a house when it was built in the 1800’s, according to Jenifer Kusch, Community Foundation trustee and Studio 1219 board member. Janet Prusik, Studio 1219 director and artistic curator, said the building improvements “make it safer and more aesthetically pleasing.” and “The DDA and the Community Foundation have been excellent at putting together a plan to fix the building’s issues.”

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