This Old House

This house demolition issue has put council members Ken Harris, Brian Moeller and Mayor Pauline Repp on one side with Alan Lewandowski, Domingo Ruiz and Sherrie Archibald on the other. (Rachel Cole is on the sidelines due to being absent) Harris, Moeller and Repp have stated they are willing to giving the homeowner more time. While we are no experts, WGRT did tour the home and property. It doesn’t look like a typical tear down. Henry Hudson seems to have the knowledge and experience needed to complete the work. Following the vote on Monday Port Huron residents have used the media to express their opinions and most are siding with Harris, Moeller and Repp. Many are calling for changes on election day. However, with an abysmal 20% turnout incumbents may have little to fear. As of now Lewandowski, Ruiz and Archibald are in control and they say the house is coming down.

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