Weather Awareness Week Brings Local Warnings

severe weather weekThis week marks Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan.  Local director Jeff Friedland says despite the fact that weather warnings are getting more accurate, storms also seem to be getting more violent. He notes the local Homeland Security and Emergency Management office will be adding some weather reporters to the roster of volunteers this year to attempt, via social media, to get a better handle on storms as they develop in the county. This year the Emergency Operations Center will see partial activation for local severe thunderstorm warnings.  Friedland also says those warnings are expected to be centered in districts instead of the entire county.  He points out that the declaration of “tornado” for the last three occurrences in the county came after the fact. That is something officials would like to have an advance notice on. Friedland believes residents can keep an eye on storms and take cover before they turn violent.  He says  residents should head inside to listen to local media whenever they hear outside sirens.  HSEM’s web site, at, has several pages of information on how to be ready for any emergency.

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