2019 Dog License Renewals

All dog licenses for 2019 will expire on the month and day of your rabies vaccine date regardless of whether or not the rabies certification expires in 2019, that is according to the St. Clair County Treasurer.  Notices for renewals will be sent by January 28, 2019 for any dog that is currently expired. Future renewal notifications will be mailed within 35 days of the expiration date of the license.   Cost for licenses are $22 for a one year licence for none-sterilized male and female dogs…spayed or neutered dogs are $12 per year.  Three year licenses may be obtained with a small discount.  There is a late fee of $25 in  addition to annual license fee if license is not purchased within thirty (30) days of the expiration date.  For additional information on licensing requirements please visit http://stclaircounty.org/Offices/animal_control