30 Years Ago – Pete Rose Banned for Life

On August 23, 1989, 30 years ago, Cincinnati Reds manager and baseball great, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life.  It was discovered that Rose regularly bet on his own team.  As the all-time hit leader, many still question whether Rose should be given a second chance. Although Rose continued to proclaim his innocence, he was eventually persuaded to accept a settlement that included a lifetime ban from the game.  It  was known in baseball circles since the 1970s that Pete Rose had a gambling problem. Although at first he bet only on horse races and football games, allegations surfaced in early 1989 that Rose was not only betting on baseball, but on his own team.  In 2004, after years of repeated denials, Rose published My Prison Without Bars, in which he finally confessed to gambling on the Reds, though he added that had always bet on the Reds to win.  Because of the lifetime ban, Rose cannot work in Major League Baseball and, despite his stellar playing career, he is not eligible for the Hall of Fame.