ADA Compliant Trolley Introduced

Blue Water Area Transit introduced a new historic trolley on Tuesday, July 2nd, in celebration of the 35th season of historic trolley tours in downtown Port Huron. The new 2019 aqua blue trolley is the fifth to enter the fleet since 1984, and the new ride features a low floorboard, which is ADA compliant to accommodate all of its passengers.

Passengers pay a ten-cent fare, which is the amount patrons paid in 1866 for the area’s first local transit service. The trolley tour swings by museums, churches, beaches, the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, and other historic landmarks. It travels through the heart of Port Huron and along the riverfront for a panoramic view of the Blue Water Bridges and the Thomas Edison statue and train depot. Trolley tours run through the summer Monday through Saturday, beginning at noon to 5 pm on each hour until September 7. Autumn tours are on Saturdays and will continue from September 9 until October 12. For more information or to see the trolley routes, visit the Blue Water Area Transit website at