Algonac City Manager Says Pool is Safe for Swimming

This week, claims have been made by area residents that they suspect the Algonac City pool is unsafe for swimming. The claim was made after four children allegedly contracted infections, some as severe as MRSA. The common denominator one parent said: swimming in the city pool. Algonac City Manager Denise Gerstenburg said in a recent Facebook comment in response to the claims that, at this time, the claims are unsubstantiated. Her comment said,  “…all public pools, including the Algonac Lions Field pool, are regulated by the Michigan DEQ Public Swimming Pool Monitoring program. The St. Clair County Health Department inspects the pool every year before opening. Chlorine and PH levels are tested every four hours. Once a week the water is tested for coliform bacteria and E. coli. Reports are sent to the St. Clair County Health Department weekly and monthly.”  She also said that “all testing samples have indicated the Algonac Lions Field pool water is safe for swimming.” A representative from the Health Department confirmed that there have been no reports made to their office as of Thursday afternoon of MRSA spreading through contact with recreational water. They also emphasized that MRSA does not survive long in pools or other treated swimming places.