AP Exams Available from Home

When school was in session, many high school students were taking advanced placement (AP) classes. AP classes prepare students to take the College Board AP exams in the spring which could earn them college credit if they pass. In response to school closures across the country, College Board initiated online AP prep classes and they are hosting spring AP exams online.

Lauri Benton, Senior Director for Counselor Community Engagement at College Board, is excited about the online exam option for students. “Students who worked hard all year to prepare for these exams do not have to worry about missing out on college credit, ” she said. Students can prepare for the exams with multiple tools offered by College Board on their website and on YouTube. The timed exams will take place online May 11th-22nd.

Students can register for the exams, discover prep material, and learn about fees and college credit by visiting College Board’s website <HERE>. Khan Academy is also the official practice partner for AP and offers online study material in each AP subject <HERE>.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand