Artists Against Racism Lansing Billboard Campaign

Artists Against Racism Launches Billboard Campaign in Lansing

Artists Against Racism is a Canadian Nonprofit organization whose mission is to build an understanding of all people, and speak to youth about the basic human right of equality. They reach out through various public service campaigns to promote their messages, and they have recently launched a billboard campaign in Lansing, MI.

The nonprofit was motivated to start the campaign in Lansing in response to the plot to kidnap and harm Governor Whitmer. Adams Outdoor, a billboard company in the Lansing area, donated 5 billboards throughout the city for the campaign.

“Our charity wanted to show the community of Lansing, and the Governor, that we stand with them, that love prevails over fear and hate, and that we are all one race, the human race,” says Lisa Cherniak, Executive Director. “It’s something to remember, especially in the greatly divided country of America. And each of us can take a stand, every day, against racism.”

Billboards have also been placed in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville and other cities affected by controversial police killings of African Americans the past few months.

Artists Against Racism is in its 24th year and has a diverse member roster of professional actors, entertainers, and musicians.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand