Attorney General Fights Robocalls

Unwanted robocalls have become a common occurrence for many Michigan residents and beyond. This week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel recently entered into an agreement with twelve major telecom providers to fight illegal robocalls.  Nessel said Verizon Wireless immediately began automatic protections for eligible users through its free robocall-blocking software. Nessel explained that “Verizon’s swift action is a step in the right direction.” She encourages the company to further its commitment by automatically enrolling all of its customers in the already-available technology to help further efforts to end to the public nuisance of robocalls once and for all. She also stated that protecting consumers from robocalls shouldn’t have to be an opt-in benefit, it should be an automatic service. The same group also sent a letter to the FCC urging the agency to encourage telecom providers to implement anti-robocall technologies including default robocall blocking.