Governor Whitmer

Bi-Partisan Agreement Provides $150 Million for COVID-19 Response

Governor Whitmer’s office wants to assure Michigan residents that the Executive and Legislative branches of state government are working together to ensure an effective response to COVID-19. Monday’s signing of two supplemental budget bills provides $150 million in new state funding for response efforts.

Shane Hernandez, House Appropriations Committee Chair,  made the following statement about the bills:

“These measures support our health care workers – the brave men and women risking their own health to help our families and friends – with more testing equipment, protective gear and other resources. The plan has built-in oversight and accountability measures to ensure the money goes where it should and is spent in Michigan’s best interests.

“Finally, as part of a bipartisan agreement, these budget measures no longer contain many spending items unrelated to Michigan’s coronavirus response. This reflects the fundamental reality that state government must be focused on lessening the spread of COVID-19 while also preparing for budget pressures caused by a temporary economic slowdown. State government must prioritize fighting COVID-19 while making tough budget decisions just like Michigan families and businesses are doing every day.”

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand