Big Tree Hunt Underway

The 15th Biennial Michigan Big Tree Hunt Contest has been announced by ReLeaf Michigan. The contest is for Michigan residents of all ages and is open until August of 2021.

Winners will go on to the State Champion Tree List and could be entered into the official National Register of Big Trees. The state list includes eight trees in St. Clair County, including a copper beech on Seventh Street in Port Huron. The only Michigan tree that is on the national list right now is a White Willow in Lansing.

Last year’s contest had over 700 submissions. Size is determined by circumference of the trunk. Prizes are awarded for the largest tree found. There is also a contest for the largest White Pine, which is Michigan’s State Tree.

There is recognition for each county’s largest tree and largest of each species. Currently there are no registered state champions for striped maple, mountain maple, choke cherry, and white/paper birch.

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Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland