Blame Game Continues as Supreme Court Ruling Affects EOs

Citing the potential loss of unemployment benefits for 830,000 residents, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has asked the Michigan Supreme Court to clarify the ruling that struck down the numerous 2020 Executive Orders issued after April 30. Politics are at play as the Governor blames the Republicans in the legislature for not doing their job, while the Republicans accuse Whitmer of abuse of power and spent over half a million public dollars to prove it in court.

This week, Whitmer said, “The Supreme Court has spoken, and while I vehemently disagree with their ruling, I’m ready to work across the aisle with Republicans in the legislature where we can find common ground to slow the spread of the virus and rebuild our economy. It’s time for Republicans in the Legislature to get to work and start showing that they are taking this crisis seriously. They can start by canceling their October recess and getting back to work. Let’s work together and get this done.” 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is picking up the slack in reinstating the mask, crowd size, social distancing, and other mandates. Director Robert Gordon said, “We will use every statutory tool available to protect our state employees and the residents we serve. We also need Michiganders to do their part by wearing a mask, maintaining six feet of physical distancing, washing hands frequently, and getting their flu vaccine. We will get through this together.” 

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland