Blue Water Area COVID-19 Update August 21, 2020

St. Clair County, MI — Lambton County, Ontario

Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 cases as of August 21, 2020 at  9:00 AM are as follows:

  • State of Michigan: 94,697 confirmed cases; 6,368 deaths
  • St. Clair County: 733 confirmed cases; 52 deaths
  • Ontario: 41,048  confirmed cases;  2,793 deaths
  • Sarnia-Lambton: 336 confirmed cases; 25 deaths

St. Clair County currently has 66 active cases of the virus, down 23 cases from last week, and 3% of hospital beds in the county are being used for COVID-19 patients.

In a press conference on Facebook yesterday, Dr. Mercatante, Medical Health Officer at the St. Clair County Health Department, said cases of COVID-19 in the county are stable, and the data shows a lower rate of transmission in our community.

She reinforced precautions for people who are traveling. Even though there are no requirements for quarantining after you travel, she recommended that anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 after travelling should be tested and limit exposure to other people for 14 days.

She also addressed the issue of children wearing masks in school. If students have a note from a medical doctor saying they cannot medically tolerate a mask, it will be up to each individual school whether that student will be allowed to attend in-person classes. From a public health perspective, virtual learning is likely the best option for any student who cannot tolerate wearing a mask to school.

Lambton County currently has 11 active cases, and is still experiencing a low rate of hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19.

The Lambton Kent District School Board released their plan for reopening schools this fall, and the plan includes safety measures to return to full-time in-class learning in September. The safety measures include cohorting, masking, and screening for COVID-19. Families can also sign up for the virtual option by August 28th. Learn more <HERE>


Please continue to rely on reputable sources for information on COVID-19:

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand