Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center Changes Name To “Spero”

For 32 years, the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center has offered HOPE to  young moms and dads, and their phone number even spells HOPE.  HOPE in Latin is Spero (pronounced sparrow). This image of a bird inspires rising above circumstances, freedom, and HOPE. We find how our Lord provides even for the birds and are we not more valuable than they? (Matt 6:26, Luke 12:24).  The Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center changed their business name to Spero Center effective March 15, 2019.  They will continue to  specialize in pregnancy diagnosis and options with compassion and practical help, upholding the highest standards in accordance with national affiliations. All their services are free: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling, pre-natal and parenting classes, baby items, community referrals, and much more. According to Executive Director Jennifer MacDonald, they help nearly 800 men and women every year until their baby is 24 months old.  The change in name, MacDonald says,  makes the clinic distinct and we won’t be confused with BW OB/GYN! We are keeping everything else the same—mission, website, phone numbers, etc. We are looking towards expanding our services for the future and want to make sure to include both men and women.
We’ve made many improvements over the years. Our office is professional and private, yet warm. We’ve implemented on-line scheduling, clients can text us 24/7, there’s 24 hour hotline access, and use short, appealing, educational video clips on large TVs!. We have liberal open hours, and we’re open during the holidays (only closed 10 weekdays in the year).  Under much consideration, the board approved this exciting change. We ask for your blessing and assistance in reaching out to the community for a smooth transition.