Bottle Returns Suspended

Returning cans and bottles to the store to get your deposit back is on hold for now, as everyone tries to avoid the COVID-19 virus. According to a statement from several beverage retailer associations, the ban on returns is in effect to protect workers. In a recent statement, the organizations explained,“the health, safety and well-being of employees and their families is top priority.” 

The associations are advising “retailers to no longer accept empty containers of beer, wine and soda and distributors of those beverages to no longer accept or collect the containers.” The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for several days, putting “employees and their loved ones at risk each time they collect empty beverage containers.” 

Food and beverage retailers are considered essential services and staff are still expected to work in the midst of Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” mandate.  In the meantime, residents will have to let those empties pile up in the garage and take them back when COVID -19 is under control and things are back to normal.