Bruce Seymore EDA St. Clair County MEDA Award

Bruce Seymore of EDA of St. Clair County Receives MEDA Award

Bruce Seymore II, Director of Business and Community Services at the Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of St. Clair County was awarded the Robert Sieghart Award for Enthusiasm for the Economic Development Profession from the Michigan Economic Development Agency (MEDA) at their annual meeting.

The Sieghart award goes to a person who enjoys economic development and understands the importance of the profession to all communities. They are especially interested in bringing more professionals into the fold with their passion and dedication, and they know more jobs and investment in a community will benefit the entire state.

Bruce Seymore St. clair County EDA MEDA Award Winner
Bruce Seymore, EDA St. Clair County, Receives Robert Sieghart Award for Enthusiasm from MEDA at Their Virtual Meeting in October 2020

Carolyn Bennett, Economic Development Manager at DTE Energy, who nominated Bruce, said, “Bruce has done an outstanding job with communicating the recent incentive programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have helped assist 100’s of businesses with the CARES Act information being shared through DTE Energy. Bruce is always willing to assist businesses in St. Clair Country and helps promote economic development throughout the state of Michigan.”

Bruce has been on the team at the EDA of St. Clair County for 11 years. Dan Casey, CEO of the EDA St. Clair County, said,  “In a crisis, communication is key.  EDA was committed to providing the most relevant information to area businesses so they could make the adjustments to their operations, to keep their doors open and solve problems.  Bruce’s effort was critical to this process because of the relationships and trust that companies have in his knowledge and abilities.  I’m very excited for him for winning this award and appreciative of the great team we have at EDA that shares his commitment.”

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand