Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Honors Local Woman

The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) recently held their Achievement Honor Roll Awards in Lansing and one local woman was among the individuals that were honored. 

Laura Booth of Marysville received the award from the group for successfully advocating for voice crosswalks in her neighborhood. Booth spent four weeks at the BSBP Training Center to improve her independent living skills and receive mobility training.  As a client of BSBP she became eligible for the award. Laura is an advocate for herself and others and has sought services for herself through the BSBP so that she can live independently as she has a diagnosis that will leave her blind in the years to come. BSBP Director Bill Robinson said, “BSBP’s  programs and services are designed to partner with and provide support to clients so they can achieve a greater quality of life and support themselves independently.” He finished by saying, “Each BSBP client deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond the goals they’ve set for themselves.”

Booth said she was “shocked” to learn she had received the award.  Being nominated by her teacher at the BSBP, she was one of several candidates in the running for the award and was ultimately selected by the BSBP board to receive the honor. Booth said the award itself was created by blind students at the Center for the Blind, and includes braille and raised lettering on the award. The BSBP presents the award annually to individuals who are exemplary in exceeding their goals for personal success.

Reporting for WGRT, Mike Smith.