BWROC Online Support Groups

The recent shutdowns across the state and nation have altered the routines of many across the Blue Water Area. While this may provide a little extra free time for people, Patrick Patterson, Center Manager at Blue Water Outreach & Recovery Center (BWROC), emphasizes that this free time can also be very precarious for those in recovery from addiction.

He says under normal circumstances, AA and NA meetings fill up, twice a day, and now they are empty, which can negatively impact recovery.

Patterson says, “For those early in recovery, even an hour alone can be a dangerous time and lead to unhealthy decisions. The social connection is critical. Manufacturing and food service have been heavily impacted lately, as when uncertainty in employment surfaces, it adds even more challenges.”

Patterson suggests a few activities to stay occupied at home including daily meditation, making a gratitude list, and working on a new budget.

Due to the closures, those looking for meetings are encouraged to join BWROC’s support groups have transitioned online and can be accessed at their website Those in need of information or assistance can also call 888-68-BWROC to speak directly with the organization.