Centennial Pines

After taking down Christmas ornaments, many people kick their tree to the curb as the holiday season wraps up. However, If you’re unsure of what to do with your Christmas tree or don’t want to send it to the landfill, Centennial Pines has some options to consider. 

Owner and Operator of Centennial Pines Tree Farm, Michael Wendling, told ebw.tv in an interview that he first started growing trees in high school and his parents started years before. The property has been owned by the family since 1854 where trees are cut and trimmed in the summer and then ready to go for residents in the winter months. Wendling explained to ebw.tv that people are welcome to bring them back to Centennial Pines to get piled up and burned. Although they do not take in a lot of trees as they do not have a chipper, Wendling mentions that there are other ways of disposing of your Christmas tree. 

In the past, some people have placed the tree in their ponds to protect small fish or even outside for protection for other animals such as rabbits. Some individuals will come and pick up the needles that begin piling up at the farm to use for planting. Be sure to also check with your local municipalities if you are interested in putting your tree through a chipper. 

Check with your city about how your Christmas tree should be disposed of if you still decide to kick it to the curb. Learn more in this feature.