Ceremony to Honors Captain Swanson at Garfield Elementary School

A private ceremony is being held at Garfield Elementary school today to honor the memory of Captain Roy Swanson.

Captain Swanson was a teacher at Garfield Elementary in the 1940s when it was called Garfield Junior High School.  He began teaching there after serving honorably in World War II, but he was recalled to duty in November of 1950 and tragically killed in action while serving in Korea.

A group of former students, veterans, and citizens requested the Board of Education plan a memorial to Captain Swanson, and the board agreed in February 2020.

The playground at Garfield Elementary will be dedicated to Captain Sawnson, and the students at the school will learn about him as part of their history lesson on Veterans Day.

The funds for this project were raised by local Veteran groups, and Theo Kerhoulas, Acting Superintendent of Port Huron Schools, said, “This will be a special day for the district and we look forward to sharing it with the generous Veterans who have made it possible and Captain Swanson’s family.” 

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand