Chair Of The House Appropriations Committee State Representative Shane Hernandez On The Governor’s 2020 Budget

Rep. Shane Hernandez, R-Port Huron, the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, talking about the Governor’s 2020 budget presentation and her plans for roads and education funding.   “Tax increases aren’t solutions. Unfortunately, what we heard from the governor are plans to tax and spend — not real solutions for fixing our roads, improving our schools or continuing Michigan’s economic comeback.”

Rep. Hernandez on roads:  “Michigan drivers deserve every possible effort to make sure the taxes they’re already paying are used effectively and efficiently.  But I didn’t see that in her plan. Coming out of the gate by proposing a 45-cent per gallon tax increase starts the conversation on the wrong foot. Taxpayers deserve better.”

Rep. Hernandez on schools:  “I strongly support investing in Michigan schools. All children deserve a quality education. I have concerns the proposal to put more money into separate categories for separate purposes does not treat all children equally. The most effective way to improve education for all is to focus more on investing in the per-student allotment, and close the funding gap between school districts so all children are treated equally.”

Rep. Hernandez on next steps:  “I will work with the governor to eliminate taxes whenever possible and ensure we no longer balance the budget on the backs of our seniors. But I am concerned about other proposals that would raise costs for seniors and all taxpayers, and for many types of small businesses. We need to dig into each and every part of our state budget and find efficiencies to deliver more value to taxpayers – that’s where this conversation must begin.

“In the past several years, our financially sound budgeting practices have helped improve Michigan’s economy and put state government on solid financial footing. These efforts must continue, and that will be my focus as I work on our next budget plan with the governor and the Senate.”