City of Algonac Warns of Expected High Water Levels

The City of Algonac is warning residents of higher water levels that are expected for the coming year based on predictions from the Army Corp of Engineers. In a letter to residents, the city is urging Algonac property owners to prepare now to protect homes and take measures to prevent water from their property adversely affecting neighbors or public streets.

Along with the warning, comes a few reminders. The City says excess water cannot be discharged into the sanitary sewer system as the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Algonac is designed to handle the disposal of waster water and not drain property due to flooding. It is also illegal to: connect a sump pump or any other pump to drain water into the sanitary sewer; use open cleanouts to drain yards into the sanitary sewer; lifting manhole covers to allow surface water entry into the sanitary sewer.

Failure to follow these guidelines and increased flows into the sanitary sewer can cause sewer backups in homes and pollution into the St. Clair River. The city of Algonac declared a local flood emergency in June 2019 that is still in effect. Future information will be posted via the city’s website and Facebook page to inform the community of conditions as necessary.