Coalition of AGs Settle with Apple Over iPhone Throttling

Apple iPhone users who joined the class action lawsuit against the company for throttling their phone speeds, are closer to receiving their settlements. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office announced a $113 million settlement with Apple Inc. with $2.6 million going to the State of Michigan.

The case was filed by a bipartisan coalition including Nessel and more than 30 other attorneys general who allege that Apple concealed a battery issue with their phones by throttling the performance of affected consumer’s iPhones. When their phones slowed down, many consumer’s responded by buying new phones which allowed the company to prosper.

According to Nessel, “Apple knowingly misled consumers and instead of disclosing the issue or even allowing simple battery replacements, Apple instead chose to implement a ‘fix’ that only created further issues for users and allowed the company to reap financial rewards of that deceit.”

In addition to payouts on this lawsuit, Apple is required to provide truthful information on iPhone battery health, performance, and power management on their website, in installation notes, and in the iPhone user interface itself.

“I am grateful this resolution seeks to hold Apple accountable for its actions and requires the company to take measures to avoid this misleading practice going forward, ” said Nessel.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand