Colleges Opening Back Up for In-Person Classes

Port Huron, MI — College students have been forced to be flexible this year, as classes moved from in-person to online and dormitories shut down.

Locally, St. Clair County Community College opened to in-person classes starting this week for the Summer Semester. SC4 students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 upon entry to campus buildings and social distancing precautions are being taken.

State colleges and universities are starting to make announcements that campuses are opening back up for fall semester. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., President of Michigan State University, said MSU is altering the academic calendar, setting up contact tracing and testing, managing residence halls, and allocating and scheduling class spaces.

Central Michigan, Saginaw Valley, Grand Valley, and other universities have announced similar plans. University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel says he is “cautiously optimistic” the university will be able to deliver “as much in-person instruction as possible” during the fall semester.

Most colleges have announced tuition rate freezes and have waived some testing requirements along with offering virtual advising and freshman orientation. 

Reporting for WGRT- Jennie McClelland